July, 2022 Update




I want to give a few updates on the company as a whole, and the overall vision of it.



Our Discord server is slowly getting revamped and re-done. We are not sure how many or how big of changes we are going to do, but it is being cleaned up! Also, we still have our suggestions channel and are looking for some input. Don’t be afraid to give us your ideas.


Hardware & New York

We had a goal for 2022, which was to own all or most of our hardware. We have already achieved this as of July! Some things will remain un-owned due to the expense, and being cheaper to remain rented.


As for the New York server, it is still on the way. It will either be available mid July or August. Unfortunately, when we first launched it the server motherboard died shortly after. The server will have about the same specifications as North Carolina. 


DDoS Protection

We are looking into improving our DDoS protection across the board. Right now, there is DDoS protection in each location, but we want it to be stronger. With today’s world, and these overkill attacks of 800 Gbp/s, some of our best locations even struggle. So, we just want to let everyone know we are working on it and hope to improve it.


Dedicated Servers

Yes, it is here and happening. We are entering the world of Dedicated Server rentals to customers! Right now, all Dedicated Servers will be in Dallas, Texas. But we will expand this in the future. Mainly, its due to the cost for the space. We can do custom servers as well, of course this will need to be requested via ticket.


Staff Team

We are always looking for Staff members. You can apply anytime here. Also note, the DMs of our Staff team is not the way to get support. Please use our ticket system to get support.


Future of SHN

As most people know, SHN is my main focus and source of income. I have a plan for this company as a whole, and hope to reach it at some point. Right now, SHN is just a online hosting provider. But, I myself and Wyatt would like it to be much more than that. As Wyatt (Deputy Director) will most likely move to Pennsylvania. So, as of now the hope and plan is to get to the point of opening a physical location to use it as a office, store, and repair shop. This would be done in Pennsylvania. The idea would be to offer custom server/PC builds as well as do repairs for tech. With that, we would love to become a retailer for components and other tech. This dream/plan can all be accomplished with the help of you, our customers. You all keep this company going and I myself thank each and every one of you for it. I would love, and be amazed if we could be there by Mid next year.

Kind Regards,
Silver, Director




Tuesday, July 5, 2022

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