Ultime Notizie

Game Servers & Colocation!

11º Gen 2023

Game Servers We recently deployed a Ryzen 9 5900x server in Dallas Texas for game servers! All game servers will be hosted on this. NVMe drives as well, for that fast storage! We tested this server like crazy with multiple games, especially Minecraft. On-top of this, these game servers will have 10 Tbp/s DDoS protection! Always on is coming soon ...


2023 Update

19º Dic 2022

Some people are starting to wonder what is going on with SHN. Well, expansion is the answer! It sounds backwards because we have closed some locations. Yes, that is correct; we have closed Iowa, Los Angeles, and Oregon. But this is for good reasons. We are expanding in select few locations before we open other locations again. Dallas Texas being ...


Black Friday Sale

22º Nov 2022

It seems it's that time of year again! For Thanksgiving and Black Friday, we are running a 50% off sale! Using code blackFriday50, you can get 50% off for two months! This code will apply to any of the following services:   - VPS Hosting - Game Servers - Discord Bot Hosting - TeamSpeak Hosting - Shared Web Hosting   For Dedicated, our ...