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Discord Account Linkage!

8th Sept 2022

Hello everyone,    We have replaced our previous module that linked your Discord account to the Website. Now, you can go to your client area and click Link under "Link Social Media". This will link your Discord account and automatically assign the roles associated with your account. On top of that, you will get any emails, sent directly to you ...

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Please Read!

2nd Sept 2022

As a reminder. Please read over our TOS upon making purchases.  Some people get confused about how suspension and termination work.  If an invoice is three days overdue for a service. That service gets suspended. No, data is not lost at this time. If it's then seven days overdue, the service is terminated. Yes causing all data to be lost. This ...

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Second Year Anniversary

22nd Aug 2022

  Second Year Anniversary Its finally here!   What a crazy two years it has been. Silver Hosting Network began in August of 2020. Eventually, registered as an LLC in April of 2021 in the state of Pennsylvania. A lot has happened in the past year. We now own almost all of our hardware. With that came new locations. Last year, we had three ...

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