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Heavy Discount on Dedicated Servers

11de Jan 2024

All of our DDR4 servers are sold out in Texas, BUT in North Carolina we still have some! We also have a couple DDR3 servers still available. We are gonna drop a sale on all Dedicated Servers across Silver Hosting Network, and Bright Star Hosting for new orders only.    SHN - North Carolina - Dual E5-2670v2 (20 Cores, 40 Threads) 96 GBs DDR3 ...

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2023 Black Friday Sale!

19de Nov 2023

It is that time again! This year we have some great sales going for our services. All codes begin on 11/23/2023 and will end on 11/29/2023. Each promotion is valid for three total invoices. Starting with the initial purchase, then for two more months.  All codes are for new orders only.    VPS Hosting Code 50% : BlackFridayVPS  Ryzen ...

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Cosmic Guard DDoS Protection

9de Sept 2023

Dear Valued Clients and Members,   We are excited to bring you an important update. Silver Hosting Network, LLC is proud to introduce Cosmic Guard DDoS Protection to our valued clientele. This advancement represents a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to safeguarding your digital assets, ensuring uninterrupted service, and ...

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