We are making a few changes within the discord and the company as a whole. 


Affiliate Changes


Starting with affiliates. Before now, affiliates would receive 20% of the commission when someone placed an order using their link (20% for the first month only). Now, we are increasing that commission to 25% of the order value for the first month. For example, if someone orders a Tier 1 VPS @ $10, your affiliate account receives $2.50. So, you can register your account as an affiliate by going to https://portal.silverhostingnetwork.com/affiliates.php . This simply lets you earn money by referring us to others, by using your link of course. 


First Responder and Military Personnel Discounts


SHN wants to be able to thank First Responders and Military Personnel on the daily. To do so, we are now going to offer a recurring discount for all of these personnel. To receive this discount of  15% off all services and products, you must open a ticket and prove your legitimacy. We will need to just see enough proof of you being either a First Responder and or Military.  Once done, we will apply the discount to your orders and services. Again, this is a recurring discount. Meaning every month you get 15% off your invoices. 




We are always looking for others to create a partnership with us, not just to gain members in either place but to create a awesome community. We do have requirements for our partnerships, mainly to avoid people from taking advantage of us. With that said, we are looking for some more partners! We can give out recurring discounts to selected partners and create custom promotion codes. Though, do not expect a free service right off the start. No partnership is not entitled to getting any of our services free of charge. 


Colocation Service


After thought and consideration, we have established that we can start doing private Colocation orders in Dallas Texas. For now, these orders need to be made via ticket. We can do any rackmount server from a 1U to a 4U server. This will all start at the following for $64.00 /m:


- 1U Space

- 1 AMP @ 208V

- 1 Gbp/s port

- /29 ( 5 Useable IPv4 )

- 10 TB Bandwidth


Again, this can all be upgraded to 2U and 4U, and 10 Gbp/s port speeds and so on. 


Staff Team


Recently we divided our Staff into two categories, Sales and Support. This is simply to allow those who are not as technologically inclined, who want to be apart of SHN, can still assist. Our Sales team does just that, assist with the sales aspect of the company. Assisting people with orders, helping people find the right service to order and see which service suits them etc. Our Support team, is there for actual support. These members are there to assist with service support tickets and chats that directly relate to a service that a customer has, such as a VPS. If you meet the minimum requirements (that are listed on the application), head to https://silverhostingnetwork.com/apply !


King Regards,

Silver - Director

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

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