Some people are starting to wonder what is going on with SHN. Well, expansion is the answer! It sounds backwards because we have closed some locations. Yes, that is correct; we have closed Iowa, Los Angeles, and Oregon. But this is for good reasons. We are expanding in select few locations before we open other locations again. Dallas Texas being the first. We have a rack that we are moving ourselves into. This means many things as listed below. 


Dedicated Server Automation

With this rack move, we will have our switch that we can manage and operate. Meaning we can create automation for Dedicated Servers. These customers will be able to control almost everything from the website, such as OS reloads and power management. We are looking into this panel more to see if we can integrate Colocation customers within it. This panel is the SynergyCP.


DDoS Protection

Oh the talk about DDoS protection. With this movement, we are getting DDoS protection; which is a 10 Tbp/s protection. North Carolina will soon be following this to get the same protection. North Carolina will be getting moved in January Node 2 may be the only one for the time being. This may need tinkered with as we move into it. But, with this protection, any attack should be completely un-noticed. 


VPS Servers

We are moving away from DDr3, v1 & v2 CPUs for VPS's. From here on out, we are only purchasing servers with v3/v4 CPUs. Meaning DDr4 memory per server of course. New York 1 and North Carolina 1 are the last two Nodes on v2 CPUs. These will be replaced at some point.



Pricing will be changing for Colocation. Cheaper than what it is now! As stated above, we are looking into adding these Colocation customers into the Synergy panel as well. Colocation customers are going to be getting a lot more offered to them. North Carolina will be available at some point down the road too.


Unrelated, DayZ game servers are being tested!


Downtime: With all of this, we are planning on having down-time in Texas on 12/19/2022 between 9am-12am CST! Again, this is for the greater good! A new storm is coming.

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