Game Servers

We recently deployed a Ryzen 9 5900x server in Dallas Texas for game servers! All game servers will be hosted on this. NVMe drives as well, for that fast storage! We tested this server like crazy with multiple games, especially Minecraft. On-top of this, these game servers will have 10 Tbp/s DDoS protection! Always on is coming soon here. Few things to be worked out. Now here is the crazy part, we **lowered** our game server pricing with all of this! DayZ Experimental was added to this list as well.



With the recent movement in Texas, we can now safely say we can offer a whole new world of Colocation services. With our new rack, we were able to cut pricing to a whole new level. 1U servers starting at just $50 /m. 2U is now starting at $90 /m, and 4U $170 /m. Each colo service will be able to see their bandwidth usage with the new panel, even right from the client area. Colocation comes with 5 IPs, more available of course. We are very excited for this!


Dedicated Servers

The new setup for Dedicated Server offerings are still being worked on. This is a timely manner for this, as we have to work on our pricing again and link each and every server to the new panel. Just so everyone is aware, it is actively being worked on!


Company Owned

Just to mention again, the goal for last year was to have switched to all company owned hardware; and I can say we made that goal. All of our hardware is SHN owned!

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